Vessel Chartering & Brokerage

AfrikDelta Marine Limited’s (ADML) relationship, combined with the reputation of Smit Lamnalco in the local and international Maritime, Oil and Gas industry has positioned ADML to provide the services of Vessel Chartering and Brokerage.

ADML and Smit Lamnalco are members of IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association) and other local and international bodies. The network and relationship built over the years with other companies while executing various projects has developed a clientele for ADML to provide its vessels for various related charter in the industry. These charters are done directly by ADML and clients or through the third party brokerage arrangement. 

With its experience, network and reputation ADML provides services of consulting, chartering and brokerage within the Maritime, oil and gas industry.





AfrikDelta Marine Limited (ADML) believes Safe and Reliable operations are key to business success and through our relationship with technical services provider Smit Lamnalco, we have collaboration with a provider with a proven World-Wide track record of safe, efficient, reliable and cost effective services.