Directorate General for Maritime Policy (Portuguese Consortium)

Timing: 1 June – 30 December 2013 (6 months)

The WP 5 consists of experts of IT, domain and technical experts. The WP Leader must ensure that all necessary experts provided by TAG / JRC shall participate to the work of WP 5 as mentioned in the original Call for Proposal. The TAG preparatory work is essential for the WP as a starting point.

The WP 5 designates a Technical Coordinator for the project. The Technical Coordinator keeps the WP 1 and the Steering Committee informed of all the technical matters. The WP 5 conducts the work based also on the WP 2 documents and already existing material presented in the Call.

Results: List and complete description of data elements for each information service. The data model shall be made available in HTML, in XML and in RDF/RDFS formats to all user communities executing maritime functionalities in all EU/EEA Member States, irrespective of their participation to the present project, to the future FP7 project and to the industry. To allow for wider possible reuse, the beneficiary will make the data model available through the internet in a widely accessible form and may not implement more stringent condition for access/download and reuse than those specified in the ISA Open Metadata license.