Offshore Logistics & Shorebase Support

AfrikDelta Marine Limited is the one stop Marine service company for the provision of offshore logistics and transportation of personnel & equipment, rig move assist, towing & tanker berthing in the oil and Gas industry.

Our range of vessels are specialized to assist and support diverse logistic operations like Diving, Towing, Anchor Handling, Transportation of personnel and equipments etc.

Our shorebase support services involves Nigerian personnel resources which include trained, experienced and proficient Pilots, Berthing Masters, Loading Masters, marine and logistics support crews and other specialist personnel, including offshore divers.

With the technical partnership with Smit Lamnalco our experience is extensive. ADML management has a deep industry expertise, and ADML utilizes modern management processes including marine industry codes of conduct, guidance, standards of certification and safety and quality management systems. Through our training and audit regimes, the managerial oversight and insistence on standards is translated into competent and capable crew.

The Shorebase support services provided by AfrikDelta have steadily garnered a household name for itself locally and internationally. With the partnership and experience of Smit Lamnalco and Smit Lamnalco's successes in managing various terminals and shorebases in Nigeria, the Gulf of Guinea and around the world like Russia, Oman, UAE, Australia etc, AfrikDelta is equipped to deliver.

The company policy of periodic structured training of crew members with the latest technological knowhow has greatly aided the quality of AfrikDelta shorebase management.

AfrikDelta has managed shorebase services and have experienced personnel ranging from Onshore Pilots, crane operators for heavy lifts, Helideck Landing officers, radio operators, pumpmen, Logistic coordinators, Coxswain, Foremen, Loading Masters, Ordinary seamen, Marine support engineers and Deck Hands.