Fleet Overview

Afrik Orimili

Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS), with DP1

To support oil rigs, for supply operations including drilling fluids and deck cargo, towage and anchor handling, with Dynamic Positioning if required. Support to offshore construction and installation contractors, to provide anchor handling for barges, pipelay operations, and towage of barges and other offshore equipment

Afrik Harrier

ASD Terminal and Berthing Tug

High performance and high power Azimuth Stern Drive terminal tugs between 50t and 100t bollard pull, providing tanker berthing support such as static tow, escort and push/pull during approach and mooring, and stand-by operations, at a variety of offshore marine terminals; including Single Point Moorings (SPM) terminals, FPSO / FSO terminals, and LNG facilities. Fire-fighting, oil spill and emergency response.

Line Handling Tug

Line Handling Tug

Reliable and cost effective line and hose handling tugs, between 30t and 50t bollard pull, providing assistance to tanker berthing operations at marine terminals, including line and hose handling, and static towback, at Single Point Moorings (SPM) terminals, FPSO / FSO terminals, and LNG facilities. Fire-fighting, oil spill and emergency response.

Afrik Colibri

Utility Anchor Handling Tug

Multi-purpose Utility Anchor Handling tugs (AHT), with 60t to 90t bollard pulls, used in a variety of offshore operations, including production support operations and tanker berthing at offshore SPM and FPSO/FSO terminals, anchor handling for offshore construction projects, towage, dive support and general offshore operations.


Multi-Purpose FPSO Support Vessel, with DP1

Purpose designed FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading unit) support vessels, with 90 to 120t bollard pull, azimuth stern drive (ASD) propulsion, optional Dynamic Positioning class 1, and other specialized equipment to provide all services required to support production operations at FPSO terminals: tanker berthing and static towback, field supply and stand-by, diving and CALM buoy maintenance support, fire-fighting, oil spill and emergency response.

Afrik macaw

Dive Support Vessel

Dive support vessels, with either Dynamic Positioning or moorings, to provide a platform from which to undertake diving and maintenance operations, including deck space for diving equipment and accommodation for dive team. We can also supply full IMCA dive spread and dive team, either directly on term contract, or through an affiliate company.

Afrik orxy

Crew Boat

Crew boats to move up to 30 people to/from port and offshore, and between installations, as well as undertaking light cargo supply, and stand-by operations.

Our fleet of vessels is modern and operated to high engineering standards, ensuring technical and operational efficiency.

Please review our Fleet List for the current list of vessels operating in Nigeria. We have a growing fleet and will be renewing and expanding our vessel fleet in time. With our technical services agreement with Smit Lamnalco, we have exclusive access to Smit Lamnalco’s vessel fleet, which numbers nearly 200 vessels worldwide.